Buyer Agent Commission Agreements

Buying a home with a REALTOR in NJ - The way Buyer Agent Fees are paid is about to change.


Great News!  The way you work with a REALTOR is changing beginning August 2024.  As a buyer, you will be able to negotiate the buyer agent commission fee upfront in a Buyer Agency Agreement.  Having a Buyer Agent Commission agreement is mandatory for REALTORS.  So if you purchase your home through an agent charging lower fees, that could benefit you.  At 123 REALTORS, Our discount buyer agent commissions are as low as 1.5% depending on price, location and service provided.  Just like sellers have been able to comparison shop for REALTOR commission rates, buyers will also now be able to choose an agent based on the fee they charge and service they will provide.  

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Now that comparison shopping for buyer agent commissions is possible, is there an advantage to using a buyer agent REALTOR who charges discount commissions or lower, or reduced fees?  There definitely are.  As long as your agent provides good contact, good service and is experienced, that is what you should be seeking out.  An agent able to negotiate well on your behalf.  If you would like more information on the benefits to working with a low fee buyer agent, give us a call today.

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2% Real Estate Commission

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You can sell your home for as little as 2% commission in our full service marketing plan.  With 123 REALTORS, you are covered whether buying or selling.  We have the plans that work for you.  First bookmark this page then Click Here to visit our discount real estate commission page.