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Other Real Estate Brokers:

Advertise a Low Commission But Aren't Even REALTORS, They can be Internet Companies Who Auction Off Your Listing to the lowest agent bidder.

Some Do Not Put You in the Multiple Listing Service and try to convince you it doesn't matter. Then later try to get you to list for a higher fee with a referred broker.

Some seem to charge so little then refer you to local brokers who don't do anything to get you sold because of the low fee they make.


We are a Full Service, REALTOR with a physical office in New Jersey.  123 REALTORS has been offering discount real estate commissions for more than 20 years and is the ideal combination of extensive service with lower fees.  Speak with an agent for complete details.

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We've been helping Sellers save on Real Estate Commissions for more than 20 years.  Let us show you why we are so effective.  It's your Equity  732.341.8840

* Not all commission plans and services are available in all areas.  Contacting us and speaking directly to an agent is the only way to obtain accurate information.  Based on the info provided, it seems we service your area, but other factors including price, location, occupancy etc, may affect that what if any service and commissions are provided.